FBN Next Generation Honors

The FBN Next Generation supports, connects and energizes young family business members who experience similar challenges. For the 4th edition, the FBN Next Generation Award champions young family business members who have contributed to renewing and energizing their family business.

This year, we are partnering with London Business School, which is generously offering the winner the opportunity to attend an executive training program led by their world-class faculty and receive personalized coaching.

Why a NxG Award ?

  • Demonstrate how next generation can energize their family business

  • Identify and support young innovators

  • Support next generations in their intrapreneurial and / or entrepreneurial paths

  • Encourage cross-generation learning

Who can apply ?

  • Cantidates must be aged between 18 and 35

  • They must be member of The Family Business Network

  • Candidates can be active and or non active in the family business

Are you a young entrepreneur and would like to boost your projects ?
Apply for next year’s award !
Contact : Christine Gaucher


How will the projects be evaluated ?

A panel of senior representatives of family businesses, young entrepreneurs
and academics will evaluate projects against the following criteria:

  • Innovation: degree of innovation

  • Family business orientation: how far the project contributes to renewal
    or perpetuation of the family business

  • Sustainability:  Outlook for the project long-term success and impact
    the family, the business, and the wider environment and society

  • Quality and clarity of the project

  • Profile of the NxG member: vision, enthusiasm, and perseverance

What kind of project do we reward ?

  • Project that contribute to the renewal or perpetuation of the family business

  • Project that shows innovation in at least one of the following areas: product, process, management, communication or governance

  • Project can be either profit or not-for-profit

  • Project should ideally contribute to a sustainable future in either of those fields: people, communities, environment, future generations

  • Project should have started more than 1 year prior to the application submission

For further information, please contact Christine Gaucher (cg@fbn-i.org)