Family Business Case Workshops

In the series of Extraordinary Performance interactive workshops delegates will hear live family business cases delivered by leaders, which will be enriched by expert views from our experienced moderators.


At each facilitated session audience interaction will be encouraged and the key learnings will be captured. The workshops are grouped into seven distinctive areas to help delegates plan their learning experience.



1. Entrepreneurship:

The role of entrepreneurship supporting innovation and new business models.

2. Stewardship:

At the heart of high performance lies family business stewardship – carefully managing resources.

3. Values:

Placing values at the centre of their business helps extraordinary family firms drive performance.

4. Sustainability:

Delivering for our people, our communities, the environment and for future generations.

5. People:

Tools for delivering extraordinary performance at both the family and the personal level.

6. Financial Families:

Achieving strong investment performance, growing the family’s portfolio of assets.

7. Leadership:

This stream of workshops will explore the critical role of leadership in driving performance.