Defining the DNA of the exceptional family business

This workshop, led by Peter Englisch, Global Leader of the Ernst & Young Center of Excellence for Family Business, will focus on what makes a family business truly exceptional. Based on Ernst & Young’s Exceptional Enterprise Model for Family Businesses*, it will analyze some of the key factors driving business growth and performance: innovation, talent management and communication.

Drawing on Ernst & Young’s experience and insights acquired in serving thousands of family businesses around the globe, Peter will share our views on what makes family businesses truly exceptional. This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring the leaders of two major family businesses who will define the key success factors for family business growth and outstanding performance.

The panelists, who have been carefully selected by Ernst & Young, are Johan Andresen, Owner and CEO of Ferd – a company that dates back to 1778, owned by the Andresen family since 1849, and now a leading Norwegian industrial and financial group – and Abdallah Obeikan, CEO of the Obeikan Investment Group, – a major player in Saudi packaging and education industries.

*The EY’s Exceptional Enterprise approach is based on knowledge gained from our extensive experience of working with dynamic, fast-growth businesses for more than 30 years, and from the unique insight gained from our ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ program – now running for over 20 years and operating in 50 countries.

We believe that only exceptional companies will grow to become market leaders and we have therefore identified the key business challenges a company will need to address to be exceptional, and the attributes they need to do this successfully and consistently. Family businesses need to utilize their most important attributes to help them rise to the key business challenges that enable a company to grow.

Attend our workshop to find out how to be exceptional and to be inspired by two remarkably successful family business leaders!

Should you wish more information about our Exceptional Enterprise Model for family business come and meet our partners at the Ernst & Young booth on the main conference floor.