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Company Visits

Key highlights of the company visit program include:

- Visits will be within easy reach of the Summit venue.
- Participants will meet the owners at the company they visit.
- Each visit will include the opportunity for interaction and debate between participants and hosts.
- Participants will learn about the host company’s unique challenges and opportunities.
- Each visit will be supported by a facilitator to help to capture the key learnings.
- The program will offer unique insights into Brazil based business families-members of FBN-Brazil.

Registrations to those visits will be opened at a later stage

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Welcome Reception

In 1908 the Brazilian army started to build a modern coastal defence fort on the headland to protect both the beach of Copacabana and the entrance to the harbour of Rio de Janeiro. The Copacabana Fort opened in 1914. The fortifications still retain their original features, with walls 12 feet thick facing the sea, and weapons made by Krupp.

Nowadays the fort is still under the care of the army but visitors are welcomed for civil and cultural programs: music, events, parties, outstanding sunsets or simple walks smelling the sea breeze…

Come and join us for the Welcome Reception. Experience the ‘cariocas’, Rio de Janeiro inhabitants, relaxing way of life while meeting old friends and making new ones. Guests will have exclusive access to the fort for this night.

A selection of drinks and canapés with a mix of Brazilian and international flavors will be served in a lounge area. For this perfect get-together live music will bring you the sounds of ‘chorinho’,  (‘little cry’ in Portuguese – an ironic name for music that is often so joyous and celebratory).

Welcome to Rio !


Forte de Copacabana

Start time

from 20:00 onward

Dress Code

Smart Casual ---- !!Ladies: Kindly note that the Welcome Reception will be held outside on a paved path!!