Your hosts

Bemol and Fogas are companies founded by the Benchimol brothers (Isaac, Samuel, and Saul) over 70 years ago.

Bemol is an eletronics and home goods retailer with 19 stores and Fogas is a propane (cooking gas) distribution company with over one thousand resellers. They are currently managed by the second generation of family members, with 3 generations currently active. Both companies operate only in the Amazon region of northern Brazil, covering a landmass of over 3 million sq. km. (equivalent to 4.5x the size of Texas or 8.5x Germanys) and employing over 3 thousand people.

The visit will be hosted by family members at the main Bemol distribution center in Manaus, a modern facility of 22 thousand square meters of storage and operations, over 300 employees, and a store.


Grupo Simões has nearly 4,700 direct employees working in 15 seperate enterprises with a total Gross Income of US$ 1 billion.

70 years ago, Antonio de Andrade Simões founds Grupo Simões. He then partners with Petronio Augusto Pinheiro and Osmar Alves Pacífico, and together, they believe and bet on the development of the Amazon in a sustainable way through the generation of jobs and income, offering products and services to dozens of communities reached by their enterprises.

Today, after professionalizing the management, Grupo Simões is administered by the second generation of the Simões and Pinheiro families through the Administrative Counsel, where they dictate the directives for consolidated growth of the business, always focusing the future.

Brasil Norte Bebidas Manaus is the most modern carbonated soft drink factory in Northern Brazil, and the visit will be coordinated by members of the second and third generation, and executives of the company.


Their historical origins bind the Azevedo family to mineral extraction, such as gold and diamonds.

This led of course to start a business focused on marketing and manufacturing of jewelry, which had its heyday in the ‘80s. The Group has diversified and expanded, today working in promising businesses. In the segment of accessories for personal use, is Seculus Amazonia Ind. e Com S.A. as the management company of 9 brands of wristwatch, and 3 brands of bags and semi-luxury jewelry.

Abroad, the Group is in switzerland, with Seculus International, spreading the brand Seculus Swiss Made to more than 20 countries.The other companies operate in the sectors of: finance, real estate, civil construction,technology services and reforestation.

Your schedule

Sunday, October 6th

Arrival in Manaus:

Transfer to the hotel can be purchased with Fontur


Monday, October 7th

09:00 to 11:00

Depart from Hotel to visit Bemol Distribution Center
(coffe break)

11:20 to 14:20

visit the Grupo Simões Coca-Cola Plant


visit to the Opera House, after that, crossing the bridge over the Negro River (Rio Negro) and a stop at the Ponta Negra beach.

19:30 to 22:30

Thematic Private Dinner at the Tropical Hotel Manaus, in the Tarumã Hall with folkloric presentation of Boi Bumbá.


Tuesday, October 8th


Departure from the Tropical Hotel Manaus’ pier to the Meeting of the Waters.


Departure from the Meeting of the Waters to the Ceasa port.


Arrival at Ceasa and departure on buses to the Séculos da Amazônia Plant.


Visit -Séculos da Amazônia Plant
(coffee break)


Return to the Tropical Hotel Manaus.


Arrival at Tropical Hotel Manaus.


Departure flights from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday October 8, 2013


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Arthur Castelo Branco

Packages values

898 $ /pers

Based on double occupancy in hotel room

1158 $ /pers

Based on single occupancy in hotel room


Included in the package:

- 2 nights at the Tropical Hotel Manaus in a Suite
(check in and check out at 12:00 noon).

- Coach and guide according to the above itinerary.

- Opera House entrance tickets.

- Private Dinner in the Tarumã hall, with a Show of Boi Bumbá.

- Meeting of Waters Tour.