The Pledge for a Sustainable Future

Without a sustainable approach our future is at risk. Not just the future of our businesses but, we also risk the lives and livelihoods of generations yet to come. This is why we, The International Board of the Family Business Network, are reaffirming our promise to promote a business model that will sustain not only our own generation, but all those that follow us.

The benefits of a sustainable approach are apparent to us all: the responsible use of capital is a powerful force for good and with corporate stewardship comes corporate advantage. Businesses that achieve great things deliver greater financial results, but these issues we face are more pressing than immediate financial return.

To provide future generations with more than we have received ourselves is a deep-seated human ambition. 

It is found in all walks of life, but it is in family owned businesses that inter-generational thinking is intrinsic. We believe that our inherent understanding and appreciation of legacy brings an obligation to support and promote a sustainable future in all that we do. As custodians of tomorrow, we believe that it is our duty to act now by making these pledges:


For our people:

We pledge to do all that we can to create and nurture 
workplaces and working cultures where our people flourish.

For our communities:

We pledge to be responsible global citizens making positive 
contributions to the communities that we work and live in.

For the environment:

We pledge to constantly search for ways to reduce the ecological 
impact that we create and safeguard the environment that we all share.

For future generations:

We pledge to pass on our values and long-
term aspirations to future generations.

We know that these are bold promises and we do not make them lightly. But in order to protect all that we have done and create a sustainable future, where our work lives on, they are vital. We call on all family owned businesses, worldwide, to take responsibility for the future of our children and our children’s children.

“Please join our pledge”