How will FBN inspire family businesses over the next 25 years: A Proud Past, A Sustainable Future

Friday, October 11th
09:15 - 09:45
Rio de Janeiro room

As it reaches its first 25 years of existence, FBN prepares to celebrate the “Proud Past” of family businesses who have successfully transferred their enterprises over generations. The new CEO of FBNi will present the FBN 2020 action plan, sharing the organization’s vision to continue to inspire family business members across its network of 29 member associations worldwide.  New content partnerships will be announced, positioning FBN as a thought leader on family business issues, together with an exciting program of activities for the year to come.
Beyond this year of celebration, FBN looks ahead at how the network and its members will renew their commitment to a “Sustainable Future”, building on the pledge issued in 2011 in Singapore.