A great man and his music: A story of reinvention through adversity

Friday, October 11th
16:30 - 17:15
Rio de Janeiro room

João Carlos Martins made his Carnegie Hall debut as a pianist in 1960, earning a reputation as one of the greatest interpreters of J.S. Bach’s music and performing with major orchestras in America and Europe. He retired in the 1970s after an arm injury and went into finance and business, but re-established his career, again at Carnegie Hall, in 1978. Eventually, though, he lost the use of both hands. Nothing daunted, he carved out a new career as a conductor and, with his Bachiana Orchestra, has given almost 1,000 concerts since 2004. He also puts his energy into work with underprivileged children in Brazil.  The charismatic Maestro at his piano tells his joyous story of always looking ahead at what’s next that will make a difference.