João Carlos Martins


João Carlos Martins is one of Bach´s greatest interpreters of all time. He recorded all of his works for keyboard. During the ‘60s, after a sensational debut at the age of twenty at Carnegie Hall, he played with almost all of the major orchestras around America and Europe.

Unfortunately, during the ‘70s after a severe arm injury he retired for a few years. But in 1978 he resumed his career with an historic sold-out come back recital at Carnegie Hall playing The Well Tempered Klavier.

After a terrible mugging in Bulgaria, which affected his brain, he lost the use of both his hands for playing the piano.

In 2004 he started a new career as a conductor and since then, with his Bachiana Orchestra, has given almost 1,000 concerts around Brazil and Europe.  Since 2007 he has performed with the orchestra five times in New York, at the Carnegie and Avery Fisher Halls.  He is also doing great work with thousands of under-privileged children in Brazil.