Rosana Camargo de Arruda Botelho

Member of the board of Participações Morro Vermelho S.A., Brazil

Rosana is one of the controlling shareholders and member of the board of Participações Morro Vermelho S.A. (PMV), which is the controlling holding company of the Camargo Corrêa Group, one of the largest private business conglomerates in Brazil. The Group operates in 19 countries, mainly within the industrial, infrastructure and consumer products arenas, employing over 57,000 people.

Over the past 12 years, Rosana has been very active and increasingly involved in the most relevant and strategic matters of the Group. She has participated in the development of the Group’s growth strategy, including international expansion to other countries in Latin America, Europe and more recently Africa, as well as acquisitions, divestitures, investment policies and selection of some of the key executives of the Group.

Rosana has a great retribution drive, focused on helping the development of sustainable life dynamics for less favored individuals and families.  In parallel with her corporate attributions, she has been a very active board member of several non profit organizations – notably in the areas of endangered youth protection, education, community development and corporate social responsibility, either through entrepreneurial initiatives or serving in already consolidated organizations. She is currently:

  • Chairwoman of the Board of the World Childhood Foundation in Brazil;
  • Chairwoman of the Board of the Instituto Camargo Corrêa (Brazil);
  • Board Member of the World Childhood Foundation (Sweden);
  • Board Member of the Loma Negra Foundation (Argentina);
  • Board Member of the ICE (Institute for Corporate Citizenship) in Brazil;

Rosana was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a Bachelor degree in Economics.