Thomas Ahlström

Managing Director for the Ahlström family’s holding company, Finland

Thomas was born in Helsinki 18th june 1958 and graduated with a Master’s degree from the Helsinki Swedish School of Economics and and Business Administration in 1982.

After a few years with a finance company in Helsinki, he moved to London to take up a position with Scandinavian Bank plc, later Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) where he completed an extensive training program. In 1987 he was seconded to the bank’s subsidiary in Sydney in order to develop the client base in Australia and the Pacific region. In 1990 he took a one year sabbatical and cruised the Southwest Pacific in his sailing boat.

In 1991 he was back with SEB in London in time to face the growing banking crises in the Nordic region, responsible for Finnish business. 1993 he relocated to Finland in order to start up the bank’s operations in Helsinki. Having gained experience in i.e. capital markets, private equity and investment banking, he was appointed managing director, Finland, and served with the bank until 2007.

From there on he headed his own asset management and private equity advisory business, until being appointed managing director for the Ahlström family’s holding company where he serves today.

The Ahlström family today controls three operating companies, of which one is listed, with a net worth in excess of 1 billion euro.

In addition to his operating roles, Thomas has served on several boards, many of which outside the family sphere. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys sailing, skiing and hunting, as well as spending time with his five children.