Message from our Chairman

Introduction to the FBN International Summit in Rio de Janeiro

9/10/11 October 2013


Dear Members,

On behalf of my Board, the Brazilian Association, and the Organizational Committees, may I say how delighted we are to be holding our first Summit in South America.

It is a privilege and an honor for us to be welcomed by Rio for this highly expected event, which reunites our families each year.

It would take a lifetime to mention all the good reasons for bringing the Summit to Brazil and to Rio: the importance of your country and its economy, its cultural and linguistic diversity, its dynamic family firms, and not to mention the compelling beauty of your Bay, would be grounds enough.

Another good reason is our unequivocal international vision of expanding our Association’s network to all continents of the world. But I’d like to add one last reason to be pictured in images and colors in your minds. Brazil is one of the very few countries whose flag boasts the colors of two families – Green pays tribute to the Royal House of Bragança, the family of Brazil’s first emperor, Pedro I. Yellow stands for the Royal House of Habsburg, the wife of Pedro I and an Austrian princess.

These days, I know, we are more likely to associate green with the richness of the Amazonian forest, yellow with the country’s mineral wealth, and blue, of course, with the sky and sea.

So the Brazilian flag combines the colors of two families with the colors of three major economic richness – what more could we wish for ?

But even that doesn’t quite go to the core of the reason. What makes this Summit in Rio so especially attractive is the fact that it will take place under a single banner of exchange between continents, countries, families, and businesses – the many and diverse parts which makes the richness of the FBN-International.

Thierry Lombard