Creating success outside the family business (NxG)

Friday, October 11th
11:15 - 12:30
Rio de Janeiro I room

Alana Institute, Brazil
Ana Lúcia Villela, founder (and 3rd generation member of Itaú Holdings)

Enterprising families need to find ways to help establish new ventures when family members have ambitions outside the family business. Ana Lúcia Villela is a 3rd generation shareholder of Itaú Holdings, the largest financial institution in Latin America. But she never saw herself joining the business, and in 2005 Ana Lúcia created Projeto Criança e Consumo (the Children and Consumerism Project), which is housed within the Alana Institute.

At the age of eight, after losing her parents, Ana Lúcia began to feel the effect that environments—not just material but also emotional—have on a child. She became “obsessed” with this insight and decided to write her thesis on the topic and later created the Alana Institute. Ana Lúcia is strengthening her lifelong commitment to children’s development by implementing the first citizen-led mechanisms to regulate the advertising industry and protect children from the harmful effects of an increasingly consumerist culture. From Ana Lúcia’s experience we will learn:

- How values from an enterprising family can inspire a life project outside the business
- The steps and challenges that arise when pursuing a dream
- What next generation members should consider when thinking about their role in business and society

Alana Institute, Brazil