Crisis, turnaround and farewell: a family CEO’s inside story

Friday, October 11th
11:15 - 12:30
Flamengo room

El Bronce, Chile
Lautaro Manríquez Callejas, shareholder (4th generation)

Family businesses go through different stages. Great effort often drives success, but success can turn into complacency and dependence. Turning a firm around is a huge challenge, but sustaining success may actually be even more difficult.

Lautaro Manríquez Callejas is CEO of a mining company that is part of a multinational mining corporation, and a member of a family group with 500 members, 150 of whom are shareholders of a different mining holding company. Lautaro will share his story of leading a recovery from a financial, emotional and governance crisis and how his family and their business continued with stability and success. He will also explain what led him to leave his family business and join a multinational mining corporation. We will learn:

- How success was taken for granted and followed by crisis, family division and governance problems
- How a family CEO orchestrated a business recovery and a family reunion
- Why and how a successful CEO decided to leave his family business

El Bronce, Chile