Fostering portfolio entrepreneurship in family firms (NxG)

Thursday, October 10th
14:00 - 15:15
Rio de Janeiro I room

Angelantoni Industrie and Archimede Solar Energy, Italy
- Gianluigi Angelantoni, CEO, Angelantoni Industrie (2nd generation)
- Federica Angelantoni, CEO, Archimede Solar Energy (3rd generation)

Empresas Artecola, Brazil
- Eduardo Renato Kunst, CEO (3rd generation)
- Simone Kunst (3rd generation)

Many family businesses practice portfolio entrepreneurship in various forms, expanding in new regions or globally, integrating vertically, and/or diversifying within their home markets. Key characteristics of family businesses seem to also provide a competitive advantage in this process that has been sparsely studied.
This session will explore how three highly successful family businesses have practiced portfolio entrepreneurship through generations with the aim of defining what this concept means for family businesses and answering key questions such as:
-      What are the key factors and motivations that enable successful portfolio entrepreneurship development?
-      How can family dynamics successfully influence portfolio entrepreneurship processes?
-      What are the key assets required for such strategies?
-      What are the risks and rewards?
-      How can the entrepreneurial drive be channeled and its continuity ensured, through effective governance?
-      What are the opportunities to transfer strategic resources (reputation, know-how, etc.) between the original family business and new ventures?
-      Portfolio entrepreneurship as a tool to promote family members’ participation in the business

Established in 1948, Empresas Artecola is an award winning laminates, adhesives and engineering plastic producer supplying many industries with one of the most internationalized customer bases in Brazil. The Kunst family will share the history of their two control and generational changes, and discuss how they have been adjusting their governance structure to deal with their internationalization process.

The Angelantoni Group, established in 1932, is made up of three sub-holding companies – Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT), Angelantoni Life Science (ALS), Angelantoni Clean Tech (ACT) and one subsidiary Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) – with eight production facilities in Italy, Germany, France, India, and China.  The Angelantoni family will share their unique entrepreneurial journey through three generations, from a small operation in the north of Italy to the opening of one of the world’s first solar power stations, and how this was possible thanks to an effective and rigorous governance and entrepreneurial discipline.

Empresas Artecola, Brazil
Angelantoni Industrie and Archimede Solar Energy, Italy
Moderated by Ernst & Young