Renewing family governance at pivotal moments (NxG)

Thursday, October 10th
14:00 - 15:15
Rio de Janeiro II room

Grupo Monteiro Aranha, Brazil
Joaquim Pedro Monteiro de Carvalho Collor de Mello (4th generation)

Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Finland
Thomas Ahlström, Managing Director (5th generation)

Pivotal moments such as succession events, a rapid growth of the business or a big family conflict require enterprising families to assess and often reorganize family governance. As well as organizing the family in relation to the business, it is equally important to include the family’s other assets (e.g. financial, real estate) and activities (e.g. philanthropy) and the organizations involved (family offices and family foundations). What happens next, once the crossroad is passed? Two exceptional enterprising families will share their journey and the decisions they have made to renew their family governance.

Monteiro Aranha’s 100-year history allies the founding family’s values with participation in diverse sectors of the Brazilian economy, in particular the industrial sector, including automotive. The company is now publicly listed, which led family members to reorganize themselves and their relationship to the business. Joaquim de Mello, a Board member, will share the challenges they faced and the solutions they developed.

The Ahlström family business goes back to 1851. From a small timber trader it grew into three operating companies, one of which is listed, with a net worth in excess of 1 billion euros. Thomas has been managing director of the family’s holding company since 2010. He will talk about a crisis that arose during a generational shift in which the previously established governance processes failed, and how the family managed to shift to a new structure that is stable for the business and the family.

With their insights we will learn:
-  Who are the relevant stakeholders when an enterprising family approaches a turning point?
-  What are potential tensions and how do they emerge?
-  What governance structures and mechanisms can be used to align and organize family members?
-  How can family members ensure that they remain an asset to the business, their other activities and each other?

Grupo Monteiro Aranha, Brazil
Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Finland