Powerful strategic tools for enterprising families (NxG)

Friday, October 11th
14:00 - 15:15
Flamengo room

Productos Familia SA, Colombia:
·      Mónica María Gómez Jaramillo, family shareholder and board member (2nd generation)

In this unique session, Summit participants will work together to solve a specific strategic problem to be introduced by Productos Familia SA shareholder and board member Mónica Gómez during the session. The aim is to apply the principles of Action Learning, a proven approach for dealing with strategic, emotionally charged and politically sensitive issues. The constructive questioning processes of Action Learning can be successfully applied to family business challenges, whether in business strategy, relationships, leadership or elsewhere.

Productos Familia is a Colombia-based company engaged in the production, distribution and sale of a variety of personal products and house cleaning supplies. The company reported more than $800 million of revenue in 2012. Its largest shareholder, with a 26% stake, is Valores Industriales SA.

During this session will learn new and valuable ways to ask questions by helping the Gómez family. In particular, participants will:
·      Learn how to deal effectively with family business strategic issues
·      Discover how to empower and challenge family members and/or external managers to help solve real problems
·      Explore the power of Action Learning as a new strategic tool for enterprising families

Productos Familia SA, Colombia