The dynamics of visible and invisible family leadership (NxG)

Friday, October 11th
14:00 - 15:15
Rio de Janeiro I room

Grupo RBS, Brazil
Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, CEO (3rd generation)
Marina Birmann Sirotsky, Family Council Coordinator (3rd generation)

Preparing the next generations to become responsible owners and leaders as well as capable stewards of a family business is a crucial task for any family that wishes to succeed and grow from one generation to the next.

Founded in 1957, Grupo RBS is one of the largest multimedia communications companies in Brazil, with over 6,500 employees. After two decades managed by brothers Maurício and Jayme Sirotsky, a shareholders’ agreement was concluded in 1991 and the board of directors was created. Nelson Sirotsky, Maurício’s son, stepped in as CEO after four years’ preparation. In 2002, the family decided to pursue professionalization of the business. Ten years later Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, a third-generation family member, became CEO after discussion by the family council and approval from the shareholders. The succession process between Nelson and Eduardo was carefully planned and smooth. Governance in the Sirotsky family has developed over time, with the creation of a family council, the planning of family assembly meetings, and the establishment of a family office. From the Sirotsky family’s experience we will learn:

- How to manage a generational transition, in both the family and the business
- What are the milestones to be considered when managing generational transition
- What are the profiles and challenges for visible and invisible family leadership

Grupo RBS, Brazil