The multi-generational business built on entrepreneurship (NxG)

Friday, October 11th
11:15 - 12:30
Copacabana room

Abdon Mills, Sweden
Rolf Abdon (2nd generation)
Caroline Linsen Abdon (3rd generation)

Entrepreneurially-minded families can encourage the next generation to develop their own business ideas while still basing them on inherited values, experiences and knowledge. But if family resources are to be deployed, they need to be linked to performance and available at the right time.

Rolf co-founded Abdon Mills, a grain processor in the Nordic countries, in 1976 and a decade later he also co-founded Grain Millers, Inc. in the U.S. The family has a holding and investment company and Rolf actively supports various environmental initiatives and NGOs. His daughter Caroline in 2009 founded Private in Public, a company developing and producing creative and environmentally conscious disposable products for the health, beauty and hygiene market. She is also on the board of Abdon Mills. We will learn:

- How two generations with shared values can work together to develop new business ideas
- How to remain cohesive as a family even with new businesses springing up
- How to combine a family focus on pressing global issues like the environment with the need for a family business to be profitable
- How a next generation family member can use the current business as a platform for a new business enterprise
- How this process can bring a valuable new perspective to the family business

Abdon Mills, Sweden