FBN 16 th NxG International Summit

is postponed to 2021 in Bulgaria!


Why has the FBN NxG Intl been postponed to 2021?

In the light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are more than ever very concerned about the health and well-being of all our members, colleagues and stakeholders.

As the NxG Intl Summit is scheduled in May 2020, and in regard to the evolution of COVID-19, we had to make an important decision on whether to maintain or postpone this very important gathering.

This was a tough call to make – the NxG Intl Summit is very important to FBN as it is a pillar in the development of the community – but we must prioritize the health and safety of everyone.

The pandemic affects the entire world and we can all make a difference in its evolution by acting in accordance with health guidance from the WHO and other health authorities.

Hence, we have decided to postpone the NxG 16th Intl Summit in Pravets, Bulgaria to 2021 in Bulgaria. We are currently working on finding a new date and we’ll communicate further information as soon as they are defined.

Already registered to the Summit, what to do?

As we sold out very quickly for this edition, we strongly encourage to keep your seats for 2021.

1. Use your current registration for next year’s edition in Bulgaria

Save yourself some time and pre-register for next year’s NxG Int’l Summit in Bulgaria. It’s simple: send an email to in which you write “Register for 2021 NxG Int’l Summit” as well as your full name.

If for any reasons you change your mind, you’ll have until May 1 st , 2020 to let us know.

2. Request a full reimbursement

Should you wish to have a full reimbursement of your Summit and Learning Journey fees, proceed as follows:

Paid your fees by credit card?

Send an email to and your credit card payment will be cancelled. The amount refunded will appear on your bank statements within two weeks.

Paid your fees by bank transfer?

Send your bank details by email (name of account holder, name of bank, IBAN, SWIFT/BIC code) to The summit fees will be refunded to your bank account. The refund can only be made to the bank account the transfer was issued from upon registration.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the requests for full reimbursement or to convert your ticket into a 2021 Bulgaria NxG Summit ticket must be done before Friday May 1 st ,2020. If we don’t hear anything from you by 1 of May 2020, you will automatically be registered for FBN NxG Summit 2021.

What about the Learning Journeys?

Don’t worry, our exciting Learning journeys will remain as they are.
If you have registered, your place is secured.

When can you expect a refund?

The refund can take up to 14 days as from the day you have written your refund request to If you haven’t received your refund in that timing, please send an email to to raise this issue.

What about your hotel booking?

We’re happy to inform you that the hotel will proceed to a full reimbursement of your booking. If you have already booked your accommodation, please contact by email the hotel at and request full refund. You will receive the payment within approximately 15 days on the credit card or bank account you have used to make your reservation.

We strongly advise you to cancel your accommodation as soon as possible! The deadline to request it is set to Monday March 30th, 2020.

When will you learn more about next year’s edition?

Good news: the 2021 NxG Intl will stay in Bulgaria!
We are currently working on clearing all details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with further information so STAY TUNED! 

We'll shortly give you the dates for the NxG Int'l Summit 2021 in Bulgaria.

When can you expect a refund, if you request such?

The refund can take up to 14 days as from the day you have written your refund request to . If you haven’t received your refund in that timing, please send an email to to raise this issue.